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2014 International College of BioEnergetic Medicine

Discover the Possibilities And Bring Your Practice to the Next Level

The BioEnergetic College is for practitioners who utilize BioEnergetic testing methods. If you use a BioEnergetic testing device or muscle testing in your practice, this series of events will assist you in refining and expanding your techniques and in developing individualized care for your patients. The faculty of the College is concerned to help students more fully utilize their existing clinical experience and to move confidently into new areas of expertise. The framework of the curriculum is built around the design of the body itself and its inherent ability to heal.

This series of events will offer:

  • In-depth consideration of advanced healing strategies
  • Clinical applications of advanced healing strategies
  • BioEnergetic assessment techniques for individualized protocols
  • Hands-on modules for your specific testing modality

The college meets over three weekends throughout the year. The sessions will include in-depth clinical lectures with accompanying hands-on practice modules, clinical tools and practice management specific to BioEnergetic practitioners.

The International College of BioEnergetic Medicine is accredited and board certified, making graduates eligible for HHP certification and possibly CEUs.

Join us for this educational and informative series and be prepared to meet the challenges of real-life clinical situations with assurance and confidence.

"Taking the Bioenergetic College is one of the best additions to my training that I have ever done. Due to what I have learned, my effectiveness as a Naturopathic Practitioner has risen immeasurably. I cannot recommend this course highly enough.” 
-Patricia Slusher, N.D.

 Registration Cost: Includes Tuition for all three College Sessions and Course Materials

  • First practitioner - $2,196.00
  • Each additional practitioner from the same clinic - $1,496.00
  • BioEnergetic College Alumni - $295 per session

A payment plan is available. We accept credit cards and checks.

Mailing address:
Bioenergetic Resources
4183 Aspenmeadow Circle
Highlands Ranch CO 80130

If you’re ready for a series of events that will surpass all of your expectations, the BioEnergetic College is for you.

Denver College

January 25-26
March 8-9
May 3-4

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Atlanta College

February 8-9
April 26-27
June 21-22

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Toronto College

February 22-23
April 12-13
June 7-8

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Atlanta College

July 12-13
September 13-14
November 8-9

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Restoring Ground Regulation -
The Epigenetic and Microbiome link

In order for the self-healing mechanism of the body to be fully functional; organs, systems, cells and molecules must work together seamlessly. Epigenetic factors influence the Microbiome (bacteria, fungus, parasites, and viruses) which in turn facilitates and regulates the health of the cells.

What percentages of your patients are moving into a maintenance program, where they no longer require long term supplementation? How effectively are you combining nutrition with detoxification support? What tools do you have to assess the mitochondria, nucleus and cell membrane?

This workshop is designed to enhance current assessment tools and techniques as well as ensure well rounded solutions for facilitating the restoration of the body’s self-healing mechanism.

Topics Include:

  • The role of Homeopathy, Homotoxicology and the Greater Defense System
  • Customizing healing strategies
  • Sealing patient compliance
  • Integrating BioEnergetic and Functional Medicine
  • Increasing your ability to effectively combine nutrition, herbs, and homeopathy
  • Streamlining your natural pharmacy

Registration Cost: $129

Donna Embree, Director and Facilitator of the International College of BioEnergetic Medicine, will be presenting this updated research. Over the past decade, she has been helping practitioners transform their practices by providing individualized tools and training for working at the causative level of disease. If you have not had a chance to hear Donna present, you will not want to miss this. She is passionate about the healing process and she has wealth of knowledge to share with you. Hope to see you there.

Santa Monica, California March 23, 2014 Register
Denver, Colorado April 5, 2014 Register
Bloomfield, Connecticut May 9, 2014 Register
Somerset, New Jersey May 10, 2014 Register
San Francisco, California May 31, 2014 Register
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